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Your Cash Handling Solutions Experts!

Headquarters in Great Falls MT with satellite offices in the Helena and Bozeman MT Areas. Over 25 years of professional ATM and cash handling experience.

Since 1995, Bill Stedman of ATM Central has provided quality services to clients by providing them with the professional care they deserve and need to operate efficiently as a business. Get in touch today to learn more about our cash handling services, ATM hosting services, and ATM sales.

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Professional Services


ATM Hosting Service

Client Preferred Option

Get the benefits of increased cash flow and profits that an onsite ATM provides without any extra work while still profiting every time the machine is used via transaction fees

​This is by far our most used service. When hosting one of ATM Central's ATM's you are pulling in all the benefit of having an ATM that is allways in operation for your business without having to lift a finger. You also make money each time a customer uses the machine!

Here are some of the benefits of our ATM Hosting Service


There is no paperwork and there are no *contracts involved, no maintenance fee's, hidden charges, etc. or any money needed from your end to host the ATM in your location


No work or obligation on your stores end as we will maintain, refill with our cash, resolve any issues with the machines if they come up (they rarely do), we are able to check the status of the ATM remotely for efficient operation  

Earns a fair percentage of the transaction fee passively

Allows a more fluent transaction experience for your customers while providing an instrument to allow more cash flow into your business


Keep your customers and their money inside your business! No need to send them to the next establishment that does have and ATM.


As you can see these are the reasons that ATM Central's client's first choice for having an ATM at their location is our ATM Hosting Service. If this option does not work out (perhaps you are out of our service area) then one of our other options is sure to suit your needs.



We also have an excellent program for *Montana MMJ Dispensaries. Enabling providers to utilize card processing and increase cash flow! Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page for more info!



* additional information found at bottom of page

Host Our ATM & Fill With Your Own Cash

Host an ATM Central ATM, get all the benefits of our Hosting Service but fill it with your own cash

This is usually the option that clients will go with when our standard ATM Hosting Service does not work for them. This option has all the benefits of our standard ATM Hosting Service but instead of ATM Central coming in and refilling our machine with cash you will use cash from your business to keep the machine full. ATM Central will handle the processing of the transactions and either send you a check or bank transfer once a month containing the amount of cash cycled out + a fair percentage of the transaction fee. Hosting our ATM and filling it with your own cash is an option generally reserved for our clients that may be far out enough from our direct service area to travel to on a regular basis but close enough to our headquarters or one of our satellite offices that an ATM central technician can be there quickly if a problem arises and we cannot fix it remotely. ATM Central will provide you or your employees with the training needed to efficiently and securely refill with your business's cash when we are on site setting up the ATM. Please feel free to get in contact with us and we will be sure to assist you with any questions regarding our ATM hosting service or to get an ATM installed in your location.

Purchase a New ATM from ATM Central

Do you want an ATM at your location but the first or second option does not work for you? Fear not, ATM Central is your go-to place to purchase the newest state of the art ATMs from renowned brands such as Genmega, Hantle, Triton, and Nautilus Hyosung. We will even help run you through the setup and provide you with processing

Does the first or second option not work for you? Well, ATM Central can source your business with state of the art ATM's from all the major brands. Our ATM sources all have customer support offices that are available and knowledgeable. You can rely on them to walk you through any technical issues that may arise with your ATM. When you buy from us we will talk you through the setup when the ATM arrives to you. Additionally, if you prefer not to have to go through the extra steps, ATM Central can handle ALL processing for you. This sub option is much like our second option where you will have our support skills, knowledge, and you will benefit from the capabilities we have to remotely view your ATM and problem solve any issues that come up. You would still be responsible for refilling with your own cash but the ATM would be yours to do what you want with is since you own it. Bring it to events, mobile food stands, festivals, etc. and capitalize on the on site cash liquidity and profit from each card swipe via a transaction fee. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and send us a message requesting more info on our ATM Sales and we will be happy to reach out to you with more info or get you an ATM ordered.

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"When I went with ATM Central's onsite ATM hosting service years ago I was happy to have found a cash handling service that is downright reliable and personable. What I was even happier about is getting that first check in the mail and they haven't stopped coming."

Casey Johnson

Senior Man
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